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Container Corner Posts and Casting|CIMC Equilink Container Parts for Sale
Feb 15,2022

CIMC Intermodal Equilink Co., Ltd., is dedicated in supplying full range of container parts of both dry container and reefer for maintenance and repair. The products categories extensively cover steel profile container parts, container floorboards, locking devices, lashing tools, installation accessories and so on.

Container steel profile spare parts usually are the main structural components of shipping containers. Generally it refers to container roof panels, side walls, cross members, top/bottom rails, and container corner post. The supply of steel profile container parts from CIMC Equilink is fully supported by eleven container production bases of China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd. (CIMC). All steel profile container parts are fabricated with Cor-Ten Steel to meet the shipping container building standard. Steel Mill Test Certificates and materials Specification Data Sheet are available for distributors. What’s more, CIMC Intermodal Equilink operates its own steel profile parts workshop locally in Shanghai to offer tailored services by designing and producing customized models to meet your special requirements.

container corner casting

As one of the vital main container structural components, the Container Corner Posts provide a solid angle that guides the rest of the container and the cargo within away from the corners. These posts are engineered from fine high-quality low-alloy steel for greater durability and support and are available for front and rear with rear insets and top rails. All CIMC Equilink container corner posts are made up of 6mm thick High Tensile Steel. Strict repair criteria is enforced on repairs that must conform to IICL5 repair criteria. Unsafe repairs to container corner posts could result in the collapse of a stack.

Container Corner Post

Container Cross members are the structural components visible from underneath the container. They make up the floor along with forklift pockets. The space the container cross members create between the ground and the flooring prevents moisture from seeping into the container from underneath. CIMC Equilink supplies Cor-Ten Steel made container cross members with thickness 4.0mm or 4.5mm of requested length to meet your repair needs.

Container Cross members

Standard ISO container corner casting or container corner fittings are the fittings found on all ISO type shipping Containers. A standard ISO container uses 8 container corner castings consisting of Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right, 2 pieces of each. They are made from special cast steel designed for low temperature working at -40°C as standard. These cast steel corners are suitable for either building a complete container, or carrying out repair work or applying to self-designed structures. Usually they are used to connect a shipping container both horizontally and vertically to modes of transport or to other shipping containers. The container corner casting supplied by CIMC Equilink are complying with ISO 1161 and quality guaranteed with ABS or BV batch certificates.

corner fitting container

Apart from the manufacturing quality control for container structural components, CIMC Equilink is equipped with professional technicians team to examine the quality of other container parts products too. We are proud of being able to offer one-stop service and glad to be your reliable business partner by providing competitive products in quality, lead time and prices.

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