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Shipping Container Floor for Sale|CIMC Equilink Blockbuster Product
Feb 15,2022
Last year, ocean freight market enjoyed an incredible prosperity, so did the shipping container market.

As we know, a standardized shipping container is a widely used logistics product, which can be transported in all types of modes and used to transport many kinds of products. Containers are ubiquitous in the shipping industry, contributing to move billions of tons of cargo around the world each year.

shipping container floor

The differentiated use of containers requires an adaptation of the material used as shipping container floor. Choosing the right container floor material is crucial, for the reason that it must ensure safety and conform with health standards.
If you already know the basic composition of a container and the materials being used to furnish it, it is more easily for you to make the choice about shipping container floor. Normally, the outside of container is made of steel but the inside is container floor. Considering that the shipping container should withstand long-distance ocean travel, the selection of appropriate container floor material for shipping container is an important thing for the safety of cargo as well as resistance against the roaring waves, the extreme temperature and wide humidity fluctuations.

In the shipping industry, most of the produced container floor is plywood, which is made of tropical hardwood. And normally, the widely used tree species are Keruing and Apitong. The advantage of these kinds of wood species are good resistance to temperature, humidity, different types of cargo, as well as long ocean journey. However, these kinds of woods have natural defects, which is attracting many kinds of harmful pest, so the highly aggressive pesticides are commonly used in the shipping container floor.

container floor

Due to the pesticides, it is suggested that the shipping container floor is not recommended to be used for homely or office purposes, which will bring negative health impacts to human beings.  But for transportation purposes, these health concerns can be neglected, since nobody spend quite a long time in the shipping container.

Thus, when it comes to the shipping container floor, we turn to pay more attention on the price performance ratio as well as the professional service. And nowadays, most container spare parts used at container repairing and modification industry in the world which are delivered from us and our predecessor is CIMC Spare Parts Service Center. Meanwhile, we are keen on improving our products and service, including our blockbuster product - shipping container floor.

container floor

Generally speaking, in order to meet current various market demand, we have developed different types of shipping container floor, including bamboo and plywood container floor with diverse grades, according to their production costs as well as IICL Short Span Test performance. In regard as the major material of container floor, plywood is economical and has long life span, which is normally consist of Rubber wood, Birch, Apitong and etc. And the structure is much stronger than solid wood, because it is glued together by the face and bottom of veneers or layers of hardwood. As for bamboo shipping container floor, which is made of over 50% bamboo material and it always has better performance. Meanwhile, bamboo is proven to be more efficient and useful in terms of economical and environment-friendly. For the reason that a tropical hardwood trees normally take 20 years to fully mature, while bamboo trees can be harvested 5 to 6 years after planting. The use of bamboo as a substitute can greatly reduce the deforestation of tropical rain forests, which is of great significance to the environmental protection and sustainable development of the earth in the future.
We are also so glad to be the practitioners of protecting forest resources because our company's shipping container floor have already obtained FSC certification, certified by Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS.

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