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Feb 15,2022

CIMC Equilink is dedicated to provide the most trusted, integrated and effective “One-Stop” supply and service on shipping containers. We have all types of shipping containers for sale, following are the most popular shipping containers which are available for sale.

20 & 40 feet container price

Cars, machinery, spare parts and personal goods can be shipped to countries by use of standard containers. Made of Corten steel, these containers are multi-purpose and can be used to ship nearly all types of goods.

Container shipping can be slightly expensive compared to other shipping methods. However, one must remember that the container ensures that your goods will be safe on arrival.

Please give us a call or submit an enquiry, we will communicate with you the 20 & 40 feet container price and other details ASAP.

Standard Container

Reefer Container For Sale

CIMC Equilink provide reefer containers for sale, reefer containers come with a system that controls the inside temperature of the container. This needs to be plugged in to the ship's power supply the entire time it is on transit to ensure the temperature remains at the desired level.

Refrigerated containers can be used to transport all sorts of goods, but the main products include perishable items such as flowers, fruits, vegetables and meats.

Reefer Container

High Cube Container For Sale

Although similar to standard shipping containers, high cube containers are 1 foot taller, and are usually 40 foot long.

High cube containers can be used for shipping any type of cargo. However, it is commonly used to ship machineries, such as diggers, or cars. It is also commonly used for shipping tall cargo that would usually not fit in a standard container.

High Cube Container

Flatracks / Flat bed Container For Sale

Similar to a standard shipping container but only has two walls at the beginning and at the end of the container.

Sometimes the two walls can be collapsed to enable easy loading of the cargo.

Flat rack container is mainly used to transport heavy goods such as heavy machineries

Flatracks / Flat bed Container

ISO Tank Container For Sale

Tank container is an intermodal container for the transport of liquids, gases and powders as bulk cargo. It is built to the ISO standards, making it suitable for different modes of transportation; as such, it is also called an ISO tank. Both hazardous and non-hazardous products can be transported in tank containers.

ISO Tank Container

Open Top container For Sale

As the name proposes, open-top containers have distinctive rooftops and door features as they can be used to ship more extensively than usual freight.

Open top containers have an open top covered by a tarpaulin instead of a solid roof. It is designed for cargo that needs loading through a crane or crab that is too huge or hard to fit through the end doors on a standard freight container such as timber and scrap metal.

Open Top container

Modified Shipping Container For Sale

Modified container is designed and produced for unique purposes according to the customer’s requirements.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any needs for 40 feet container price, open top container, iso tank container price or any other type shipping container’s price, we will respond to you as soon as possible with the most professional answer.

Modified Shipping Container

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