Mr Huang Tianhua, Chairman of the board of CIMC Equilink visited the company in August 2020
Aug 14,2020

Aug 4th, 2020, the Vice President of CIMC Group, Chairman of the company board, Mr Huang Tianhua and his team visited CIMC Equilink, giving guidance on the future development strategies to the company.  Mr Raymond Park, the General Manger of CIMC Equilink, together with all company staff warmly welcomed Mr Huang and his team from the Headquarter.

Mr Huang and his team had a group conversation with the company management team during the visit.  Mr Park introduced the business progress, company vision and mid to long term development strategies in the meeting.  Mr Liu Shaobo, Mr Zhangxin, Mr Hu Zhiwei and Mr Wan Yongbo, accompanying Mr Huang for the visit, also gave the company important comments and suggestions on its future development.

Mr Huang gave high comments on the earnings and growing sales revenue of the company since its establishment in last May.  He pointed out that firstly, CIMC Equilink is the only company of trading and service nature in the whole container sector of the Group, and as one of the business directions which the container sector is under business transition toward, will have large development opportunity in the market; secondly, compared to other competitors of the market, CIMC Equilink has better capacity and development basis, including but not limited to 1) extensive container resources and global business experience; 2) rich types of intermodal equipment produced by CIMC, with large after sales demand; 3) obvious advantage of CIMC in brand name and funding ability.

Mr Huang required the company put into more details the plan of funding, team development and products increase, etc.  At the meantime, he also helped set more clearer the vision of CIMC Equilink, in hope that the company will become the world’s leading retail trading and after sales service provider.

Mr Huang Tianhua (5th from the right of the first row), Mr Liu Shaobo (3rd from the left of the first row), Mr Zhang Xin (5th from the left of the first row), Mr Hu Zhiwei (1st from the left of the first row), Mr Wan Yongbo (3rd from the right of the first row), Mr Raymond Pard (2nd from the left of the first row)


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