CIMC Built Modular Emergency Observation Center for Disease Control and Prevention for Hong Kong
Mar 25,2020

Currently, with the first batch of modules entering the site in succession, the Hong Kong Pat Heung modular emergency observation center for disease control and prevention (CDC) began to hoist the modules. It is known that the project is an important one for the Hong Kong SAR Government to combat COVID-19. The project is contracted by Hong Kong HIP HING and built by CIMC Modular Building Systems (hereinafter referred to as CIMC Modular), a subsidiary of CIMC Group.

Efficient, Environment-friendly and Legally Compliant - Hong Kong Government Chose CIMC Modular Building to Build CDC

Given the global outbreak of COVID -19, the Hong Kong SAR Government hopes to set up more quarantine centers as soon as possible to cope with the severe epidemic trend. Apart from using available government premises as quarantine centers, the Architectural Services Department is working on four new mandatory quarantine projects, one of which is the Pat Heung modular emergency observation CDC at the Pat Heung JPC Centre.

It is reported that the Pat Heung modular emergency observation CDC project consists of 120 single rooms in 6 buildings, each of which is a 2-story building. Buildings 1 to 4 have 8 rooms on each floor, and buildings 5 to 6 have 14 rooms on each floor, with a total of 120 modules. “In order to ensure the quality of the project while minimizing the construction time, the Hong Kong SAR Government has decided to adopt the ‘assembly building’ (modular building) construction method.” You Di, the Market Development Manager of CIMC Modular introduced, “after comprehensive evaluation, the client finally chose CIMC Modular as we have strong comprehensive strength.”

According to You Di, the CIMC Modular Building System can both meet the requirements of high quality and rapid delivery of the project and the requirements of all construction laws and regulations in Hong Kong. The project not only meets the immediate short-term emergency needs, but can also be moved to other locations for recycling after this mission. These advantages coincide with the project requirements of the Hong Kong SAR Government.

“In addition, CIMC Modular has already been recognized and approved by the Hong Kong Buildings Department, and has completed a number of projects in Hong Kong. It has effectively solved the development difficulties of the construction industry in Hong Kong, and its construction speed and quality are highly appreciated by the Hong Kong SAR Government.” You Di added.

Overcome Production Challenges in Fighting Against COVID-19 Deliver Quality Modules in Succession

“Hong Kong is the core of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, this project is of great significance to Hong Kong’s epidemic prevention. While paying attention to their own safety, all members of CIMC Module must go all out to overcome negative impacts and difficulties caused by the COVID -19 and complete the project with CIMC speed and CIMC quality, so as to make positive contributions to the fight against COVID -19 in Hong Kong.” General Manager of CIMC Modular Weidong Zhu said.

In early February 2020, after receiving the urgent task, CIMC immediately set up a leading group and a working group and quickly completed the preliminary design scheme. At the same time, it started to figure out the material inventory situation and communicate with material suppliers about urgent material supply issues.

“As the Architectural Services Department of Hong Kong is very strict with the project, the products must be constructed in strict accordance with the building standards in Hong Kong. So we can't use the existing modules and need to redesign and produce them all.” The project manager Jiangfeng Liang said. According to him, the outbreak of COVID-19 has brought challenges to all aspects, such as the availability of production personnel, the supply of module production materials and the organization of production, etc. However, CIMC Modular has adopted comprehensive coordination to overcome these difficulties effectively to ensure the smooth production of modules.

“According to the client's requirements, all modules shall be delivered to the construction site in Hong Kong by the end of March 2020. That is, there is only about one month from the end of February to the full delivery. The time is tight and the task is heavy.” said JiangFeng Liang. To this end, all workers are divided into two shifts for a 24-hour sprint to maximize productivity. While CIMC Modular is rushing to produce the modules, in order to ensure the smooth delivery of the finished modules to Hong Kong, the Architectural Services Department of Hong Kong contacted with the Guangdong Provincial Government to ask for facilitation in regard of customs declaration and transportation of the modules during the epidemic period. The Guangdong Provincial Government gave a positive response and offered strong support.

The first batch of modules was sent to Hong Kong on March 18, 2020, and the second batch was sent to Hong Kong on March 21, 2020. The remaining modules will also be delivered according to the contract. The overall project is expected to be completed and put into operation in mid-April 2020 to fully support Hong Kong to fight the COVID-19.

After the end of the outbreak, all modules will be converted into public transitional housing to continue to serve the people of Hong Kong

According to the government’s 2019 Policy Address, Hong Kong will significantly increase the number of transitional housing projects to provide a total of 10,000 units over the next three years to relieve the pressure on families living in poor living conditions and waiting for public housing. In the view of many experts, the modular buildings can be built on site quickly and meet Hong Kong’s building standards. They can be used as permanent buildings (with a design working life of 50 years) or be moved to different places for recycling, making them an ideal choice for the Hong Kong SAR Government in terms of building public transitional housing.

“The Pat Heung modular emergency observation CDC project is a temporary emergency demand. According to the plan of the Hong Kong SAR Government, after the end of the outbreak of COVID-19, the 120 modules of the project will be disinfected and relocated to other places designated by the government for the purpose of providing services to the Hong Kong people.” said You Di.

Source: CIMC Group


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